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Paper due on March 20


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35th Conference will be held July 26 - 28, 2016 (Morgantown WV)

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1,546 papers published on ground control topics

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Papers are due March 15  March 20


Follow this format for submitting graphical data (using Excel charts)

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Save chart on separate sheet and submit the Excel file.  DO NOT submit chart as an image.

Best of Ground Control PPT
Photogrammetric Monitoring of...
Mitigation of a Massive Sands...
Fiber Reinforced Polymer Rock...
FlexKnot: An Innovation in Ro...
Time Dependent Mining Induced...
International Practice in Hig...
Longwall Shield Recovery, Usi...
Enlightening Bolts: Using Dis...
Cross-Correlation Detection o...
Influence of Roof/Floor Inter...
Registration Fee
Fee CategoryDate RangeAmount
Full Regist...Before and On
After 7/1/2016$650.00
Student Reg...Before and On
After 7/1/2016$350.00
One Day Reg...Before and On
After 7/1/2016$350.00
Author/Reviewer Tutorials

Click here for primary reviewer, peer reviewer and author tutorials

Primary Reviewer

How do I know if I'm a Primary Reviewer?
What is my responsibility as a Primary Reviewer?
How do I know when I have papers to review?
How do I get started?
How do I assign peer reviewers to the papers I am responsible for?
How do I begin the review process?
How do I know the status of the paper reviews?
How do I complete the review process?

Peer Reviewer

How do I know when I have a paper to review?
What does the timer mean?
What happens if I do not act within the alloted timeframe?
Can I preview the paper before I decide if I want to review it?
How long do I have to review the paper?
How do I review the paper?
You are finished with your review requirements!


How do I submit an abstract?
What notifiation will I receive to know that my abstract has been submitted?
How and when will I be notified if my abstract is accepted by the conference?
How do I submit the paper?
What happens after my paper is submitted?
How do I know when the editorial review is completed?
How do I know when my paper is being peer reviewed?
How do I know when the Peer Reviews have been completed?
How do I address the Peer Review comments?
How will I know if my paper has been accepted for publication?
What do I have to do to prepare to present my paper?

Scholarship Opportunities
1. Syd S. and Felicia F. Peng Scholarship
2. Kazem Oraee Scholarship for Mining
Important Dates
Abstract Submission
January 6 - Abstracts due
• January 17 - Acceptance/Rejection determination 
• January 30 - Author notification  
Paper Submission
March 15 - Papers due 
Editorial Review
• April 17 - Editorial reviews completed 
April 27 - Author’s reconciliation of editorial reviews  
Technical Peer Review
• June 5 - Peer reviews completed 
June 19 - Author reconciliation(s) of peer review comments 
• June 25 - Approval of final paper by Primary Reviewer 
• June 30 – Author notification of paper ranking/presentation status 
Author Registration Deadline
July 6 to have paper published in proceedings
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